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Jay Mawas


Originally Ghanaian and Lebanese, Jay’s multicultural background has given him a valuable perspective on the world of real estate. He was introduced to the industry at a young age through his family’s business, where he witnessed their success in transforming distressed single-family homes and building-single family homes in Accra Ghana.


After moving to the USA in 2017, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business from the prestigious Carlson School of Management, which equipped him with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of being an entrepreneur and commercial real estate broker. Despite graduating in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jay persevered through the challenges and emerged as a well rounded broker.


He used the difficulties he faced as opportunities to learn and grow, gaining a deep understanding of the industry and the expertise to deliver tailored solutions for his clients.


When not closing deals, Jay reinvests his energy into his Alma Mater, fueling student ambition in CRE through networking events and educational programs. He inspires them to challenge norms and trust in their potential. Alongside his professional passions, he is a devoted family man, treasured as a brother, son, and husband.

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